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Composition and care
Composition and care


  • 坚硬、致密、纤维状和多孔
  • 好的木材给人以丰富、温暖和美丽的表面。


  • 地板、家具、墙壁
  • 附带家具(灯罩、相框)
  • 厨房和餐厅用品


Recommended for ages 5+ years

Ready for a spin into something new? Introducing the original

Zzzopa™ Fun Ball

… the ball that does it all!

Fidget toys have evolved into a new fidget toy that combines the kinetic action and familiar holding pattern of a fidget spinner with a nicely weighted ball. Kids can spin it, bounce it, throw it, stack it and catch it. It’s been dubbed “the ball that does it all.”

So bounce, spin and stack into fun with the ORIGINAL

Zzzopa Fun Ball


  • Get a

    Zzzopa™ Fun Ball

    to play with in many ways! Fidget with this spinner hand toy, spin, balance, stack one on another, bounce back and forth, play with walls, play with friends, throw the fidget toy ball, and learn lots of fidget kids’ tricks!

  • This is a genuine, licensed

    Zzzopa™ Fun Ball

    ! The children’s toy manufacturer P.M.I. holds the Triple Tech Combo™ patent, so these toys are exactly like those originally invented in Oz. Encourage a physically active hobby in your kids with these small toys!

  • Having a fidget toy ball promotes more physical activity in the way your kids spend their leisure time, which is precious in this day and age when kids like to just stare at their phones all the time.

  • With fidget toys, kids get creative, but not all the imaginable tricks are easy to learn. Have the kid experiment with fidget packs every day, and they’ll soon surprise you with what they’re capable of.

  • Get the entire 20-color ball toy collection (each is sold separately)!* The hand fidget toys come in two collections—Sport (like GOALLL!, SlamDunk and Homerun) and Fun (like Meteor, Thunder and Swirl).

  • Each

    Zzzopa™ Fun Ball

    measures 3 inches in diameter.

*Please let us choose a

Zzzopa™ Fun Ball

for you based on availability. If you purchase more than 1 Zzzopa Ball, we will select balls with different designs.

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